Weekly Updates

Here you will find updates on what our team has accomplished each week after kickoff.

Kick Off

2018 TEAM 1559 KICK-OFF UPDATE & VICTOR ROBOTICS HIGHLIGHTS We are pleased to begin bringing you Team 1559 updates and Victor Robotics highlights for the 2017 2018 season. If you wish to be removed from this email list with our weekly updates, just let us know. Jr. FLL, FLL & FTC HIGHLIGHTS Both the FLL and FTC programs at Victor had great seasons this past fall. Of the four FLL teams, one advanced to the Regional Championship at the University of Rochester. Three FTC teams competed at the regional event at St. John Fisher College on December 16th. All of the teams advanced into the semi‐final rounds of the competition, a great accomplishment for such a new program, and one team won the Design Award. FTC Team 11246 will advance to the Excelsior Regional Championship in Utica, NY on Sunday, January 14th. Currently 3 FLL teams are participating in the non‐competitive winter session and 5 Jr. FLL teams are kicking off their season with new kits purchased by Victor Robotics and the ability to learn basic programming skills, a first experience for many of the 2nd and 3rd graders! FRC TEAM 1559 On Saturday, January 6, 2018, a bitterly cold day, we had the opportunity to join local teams for the 2018 FRC Kick‐Off at Spencerport High School where the game was revealed. This year’s challenge is very complicated and super‐intriguing and we’re very excited about it. Check it out here. We hope you love the animation as much as we do. One of our teammates, Kristin, who is responsible for our team’s graphic design and is on the manufacturing sub‐team, shared: “This challenge has a lot more questions to answer, problems to be solved and fun to be had!” After Kick‐Off we returned to our High School, where we enjoyed an awesome lunch provided by Wegmans and then we got busy brainstorming some initial ideas about the robot capabilities and our game strategy. We are extremely energized to begin building a very competitive robot! THANK YOU It’s thanks to your support that these students – all 165 of them – can enjoy these awesome and relevant experiences. Gratefully, Your friends at Devil Tech Team 1559 Giselle and Eileen “In my first year of Robotics, I learned so many things that are actually applicable to life, that school doesn’t teach you, like how to be a good leader and how to convey what I’m thinking to others.”

‐Tanner Moszak, VSH Sophomore and Mechanical sub‐team

Weeks One & Two

2018 BUILD WEEK 1 & 2 UPDATE The snowstorm interrupted our plans for a Saturday meeting last week, which has delayed distribution of week 1 of our weekly updates so we have combined the first 2 weeks into one update. FTC HIGHLIGHTTS FTC Team 11246, the Victor Tech Titans competed at the Excelsior Regional Championship in Utica, NY on Sunday, January 14th. They were hugely successful, ranking fourth overall and enjoying the opportunity to select their alliance for semi‐finals. Unfortunately, they were knocked out in the semifinal rounds but still managed to bring home the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award which celebrates a team that thinks outside the box and has the ingenuity and inventiveness to make their designs come to life. The judged award is given to the team that has the most innovative and creative robot design solution. Please join us in congratulating the Tech Titans on this prestigious award and such a successful season! FRC HIGHLIGHTS We are all busy, busy, busy, working 4 nights a week and all day Saturday. ROBOT By the end of week 1, we had already determined our chassis and drive train system. We were so happy with the speed and maneuverability of our robot last year, we will be using the same VersaDrop chassis with 8 wheel omni‐directional configuration and Mecanum drive train system. In addition to the chassis design, there are 3 additional robot sub‐systems that the team designed and built prototypes for final design consideration. Models for the climber, gripper and lifter were presented to the student‐led Tech Council for final decision on Monday, where all robot sub‐systems were determined. We are currently exploring 2 solid gripper options and will build both for attachment to the final robot. Each sub‐system took into consideration the many aspects of the challenge and the robot design in order to obtain the best results. CAD is hustling to complete their final and accurate 3‐D drawings so that manufacturing can begin to fabricate the parts. The electrical sub‐team is currently building their electrical board designs, and software is developing a program to follow the color cube. FIELD PARTS Manufacturing has completed the exchange station and partial scale for our test field. Today, we are building the frame for the climbing bar and we will compete the switch and ramp this week. Then we will be prepared to begin testing the robot as it begins to physically take shape. BUSINESS T‐shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and our new team uniform – the infamous flannel shirt ‐ are all designed and orders are coming in! Feel free to check out our inventory here. In addition, we have designed a team avatar. The banner is currently being designed. Award application essays are being written starting with the Woodie Flowers and Entrepreneurship Awards. And the website is being fine‐tuned. We are here doing what we are doing, learning what we are learning, becoming the best we can be because of our sponsors and supporters. Gratefully, Your friends at Devil Tech Team 1559 “Robotics is a team effort, where every individual matters.” ‐Brian Pallini VHS Junior and Mechanical Sub‐Team



Join us Saturday, February 3rd from 10 am to 12 pm in the tech wing at Victor High School (the doors half way between the football field and the pool). We would love to show you around so you can see the robot as it quickly takes shape. THE ROBOT The chassis for robot #1 is built and has been passed on to our electrical team for wiring. We are building two robots again and are currently building the chassis for the 2nd robot. CAD completed all their designs for the sub-system parts – the lifter and climber - and are fine-tuning the 2 gripper designs. CAD has learned how to move their 3-D models from Inventor to Fusion for manufacturing. They are also discovering how important communication is in order to ensure sub-system parts don’t interfere with each other. Effective communication is key to minimizing re-design, while strengthening our team’s progress. In addition, CAD is designing small parts for the electrical board. LIFTER The goal of the lifter system is to move the cubes and the robot vertically quickly and efficiently up to 8 feet high. We have two identical lifters, one for the gripper which lifts the cubes, and one for the climber which lifts the robot. We used the same design for both lifters because they are equally effective for both tasks. The lifter operates using a belt and a pulley system and the climber switches to a separate winch system after being raised to its target height. BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS We are excited about the new website we are designing. We are writing code by hand and using a new CSS library. The new website scales really well and works well on mobile devices. We plan to unveil it soon and you will be the first to see it. The 2017/2018 commemorative sponsor book is taking shape with the cover design complete. The sponsor banner is also coming together. We are recruiting new sponsors by sending out a large mailing this week. Travel plans are beginning to take shape as well. We are determining which students are eligible for travel, asking students about attending at social event at the Miami Valley Regional (March 1st - 3rd) and we are preparing a parent travel presentation. WE ARE LEARNING Robotics isn’t just about the robot. We are also learning: | how to sketch on Inventor | the importance of effective communication | how to use Illustrator | making a website | coding in Javascript and CSS | how much it matters that sub-systems work closely together | becoming more familiar with writing robot code | conflict resolution | how to use a drill press | how to work more efficiently | leadership skills | how to use the Bridgeport | time-management skills | how difficult (but awesome) it is to manage people | how to solder | how to program a chassis and drive system | how to accept responsibility | team management | project management | software for 3D modeling | and so much more! Gratefully, Your friends at Devil Tech Team 1559 “I am most excited to really be able to see our creations come to life!” ‐Aidan O'Neil, VHS Sophomore and CAD Lead



Thank you to our sponsors and special guests who joined us today for our open house. We really enjoyed showing you around and sharing the progress of our robot as it quickly takes shape. We hope you had as much fun as we did. For those of you who were not able to make it today, there are still plenty of opportunities to watch the robot come to life. For the next two weeks you are welcome to stop by any Monday through Thursday night from 6:00-8:30 pm or Saturdays from 10:00 am- 3:00 pm for a tour. You can find us in the tech wing – the doors are located half way between the football field and the pool.


Gripper The gripper sub-system team has been hard at work this past week finalizing design and constructing two separate gripper designs. Gripper 1, as we call it, uses pneumatics to close a claw with motorized belts around the power cubes. Opening up to 23” allows this design to have easy access to cubes from multiple angles. This design finished production during this Saturday’s meeting and displayed exceptional results while being tested. Gripper 2 is also powered by pneumatics, but, in a different configuration. In this design, the gripper’s claw-like mechanism clamps onto the sides of the cube without the use of motors. The team was hard at-work this week finalizing the design and beginning production of this solution. After loading, each gripper design is able to lift 8 feet upwards to unload cubes onto the scale in the center of the field. Both of these design promise a high chance of success and we will be down-selecting between them in the coming week. Electrical With Robot 1 electrical board complete, we are currently finishing the electrical board for Robot 2. We need to wire all the components and connect all the sub-system components to the main distribution board. Space is a challenge as always but we are working together to overcome it. Instead of mounting the cameras directly to the robot this year, we are making camera cases using the 3-D printer. Business Robotics isn’t just about the robot. We are also learning: | to calculate friction | leadership skills | to run parts on the shop bot | how to write a business plan | how to operate pneumatics | how to make an effective podcast | how to use machinery - band saw, miter saw and sander | how valuable the Robotics experience is in applying to college and for scholarships | how to communicate well with others | how to wire a power distribution board and voltage regulator module | patience | how to use a drill press | how difficult autonomous can be | how to work with designs as a team | how to use the Tormach | techniques in Adobe Illustrator | and much more | “I am most excited to really be able to see our creations come to life!” Gratefully, Your friends at Devil Tech Team 1559 “Robotics is both mentally and physically challenging, aiding your future!” ‐Semma Aflatawi, VHS Freshman and Mechanical Sub-Team



Team 1559 and the FTC teams spread the FIRST message at Super Science Saturday today by demonstrating our robots and showing the students in 1st through 6th grades what robotics is all about. The kids were really excited and they had a great time. On Monday, a local Brownie Troop joined us for a tour. We had a great time showing them around and they expressed interest in joining the robotics team one day! THE ROBOTS With just 10 days remaining in the build season, we are hustling to get these robots built! Climb The climber sub-system has been working hard to make sure the robot can climb successfully, which is the end game of this season’s challenge. The climber for Robot 1 is assembled and mounted. It uses a motor with belts and a pulley to extend the hook. Once the driver latches the hook onto the 13 inch rung, the climber system uses a winch motor with a 49:1 gear ratio to pull the 120 pound robot up to at least 12 inches off the ground. Our robot also has a buddy bar that extends from our hook and runs parallel to the original rung that will allow a 2nd robot to climb with us. Today, we are manufacturing parts for the climber on Robot 2, assembling and preparing to mount the sub-system on the robot. Software We are working with autonomous to do dead reckoning, which is basically driving using a closed loop system of encoders. We are also been doing some fun things with LEDs to provide the driver with feedback. And we are working with USB and CSI camera’s to do vision in autonomous. Business We are ready to unveil the new website! Please take a look by clicking on the link here where you can view information about your company on the sponsor page which can be accessed by the navigation bar. We Are Learning Robotics isn’t just about the robot. We are also learning: | HTML, Javascript & CSS | the real value of communication | image composition | how to us the lathe | what it means to really be a programmer | how to deal with people who have different ideas and may be unwilling to compromise | how to assemble gear boxes | how to find XYZ on the Tormach | the difference between shoulder bolts and other types of fasteners | the importance of prototyping & testing | how to work well with others in a stressful environment | presentation skills | how to use the mill | how to find solutions everyone can agree on | how to work with people while being in charge | how to be responsible and accountable | how to express our ideas in respectful ways | proper use of power tools and equipment | we are family | how to use Talon SRX motors | what components are needed for the chassis | how important it is to stand up for yourself | web development | how people tend to overlook safety when they are overconfident | what “flush” means | how interdisciplinary sub-system groups work | how school and robotics intertwine | to pay attention to details | and so much more! Thanks for believing in us, investing in us and taking this journey with us! Gratefully, Your friends at Devil Tech Team 1559 “Robotics is a good balance between fun, learning and engineering.” ‐Gianluca Mammano, VHS Freshman and CAD Sub-Team